Crédit Agricole wants to become a bank where digital increases people

Crédit Agricole veut devenir une banque où le digital est augmenté par l’humain

Are we heading towards the end of the mantra where artificial intelligence and digital technology serve to transform the employee into the augmented employee? Crédit Agricole heralds a future where digital is augmented by people.

This is described by Jean-Paul Mazoyer, Crédit Agricole’s deputy general manager in charge of technology and digital. He spoke on September 20, 2022 at the AI ​​For Finance event organized in Paris, at the Palais Brongniart. ” We need to ensure that our advisors have empathy, understanding of our clients. You have to invest a lot in training, support and management. Here’s a real break. We are not yet in those splits because these models will be imposed little by little ” does he think.

The leader wants to show that the bank’s strength comes from empathy, from human closeness with its clients. ” And so what we have to do is not human augmented digital, but digital augmented human he cuts. He clarifies his thoughts. ” That is, to ensure that the customer can do everything digitally, and when he needs to, he talks to a responsible person who is able to switch off [NDLR : le processus digital] and bring added value He says.

It points out the shortcomings of the current model. ” Today we have digitized man. It doesn’t change organizations. The branch advisor will be augmented by artificial intelligence, but by 5pm, not on Mondays. It will be increased during its traditional working hours he describes. But that’s not a client request, he says. ” That’s not what customers want. Customers increasingly want complete digital, professional, with the ability to do a lot of simulations, to do everything they want in digital form, from where they want and when they want. he represents.

We go beyond basic self-service operations. ” It’s not basic digital operations anymore, and as soon as it gets complicated, I have to talk to a human. The customer wants a digital that can do everything says Jean-Paul Mazoyer. He describes a customer who also wants the ability to interrupt a digital process to talk to a human and above all to get a value-added service rather than an explanation of the digital process they are stuck in.

We all get stuck on a website from time to time and want to talk to someone on the phone. So we call, and there we meet a man who repeats to you what is in the digital process “describes the leader. ” You come across someone who does not have the ability to make decisions, or even the ability to understand what you want to tell them, and who above all does not have the ability to opt out of the process. And there you ask to speak to a manager, who is able to shut down the process he admits. It is precisely this impasse that the Deputy General Director intends to resolve.

Why haven’t we seen this transformation in the bank yet? His answer is that leaders first use technology to reinforce an existing model that is already working. ” I have seen some technological transformations in banking over the past few decades. Systematically, business leaders use technology to strengthen an existing model rather than thinking about a new model explains Jean-Paul Mazoyer. Traditional rulers have something that works and want to make it more effective.

He gives an example of the arrival of call centers. “For example, with the arrival of telephone platforms in the late 90s, there are people who say to themselves ‘maybe we can do banking exclusively by telephone’. Traditional leaders will say, ‘I have too many phone calls in my branches, I’ll send them to the phone platform to free up time’. Taking technology into account to try to strengthen the existing system,” he explains.

This is what the traditional banking sector is currently experiencing, even as new banks shake it up. ” There are banks that today are exclusively digital, they brought something completely different because they devised a banking model from technology. They are in the logic of digital extended by digital adds the leader.

For now, Crédit Agricole is using artificial intelligence in retail banking to free up the time of its advisers. ” To ensure that the advisor can devote his energy by being present with the right client at the right time says the deputy general manager. It specifies use cases. ” For our advisors, we put artificial intelligence in place that allows them to ask a question instead of having big procedure manuals in their drawers. Obviously we’re going to do that with a chatbot » he illustrates.

This artificial intelligence is extended to customers. ” This chatbot can also be used for customers. More and more, customers can ask questions directly on the chatbot, and we have artificial intelligence behind it continues Jean-Paul Mazoyer. “ We have artificial intelligence to analyze operations, to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. And we have artificial intelligence to detect when a customer has a deteriorating relationship with their bank, so leave us alone he adds.

These are all ways to help our advisors, free up time and ultimately be more efficient. » he underlines. A path that is now just a step towards transforming the bank towards a fully accessible digital interface supported by artificial intelligence.

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