Cyberpunk 2077: Synthecoke boost with Cyberpunk… – PC, CD Projekt Red, Steam, CD PROJEKT – News

Cyberpunk 2077: Synthecoke boost with Cyberpunk... - PC, CD Projekt Red, Steam, CD PROJEKT - News

It’s not the 1.6 update released on September 6, but the release of the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners animated series on September 13 that will revive interest in the game Cyberpunk 2077. According to the Steam DB page, the title has even grown to more than 85,000 players today, while at the beginning of the week was close to 24,000.

It’s clear that the work that Trigger studio did on the adaptation is impressive and very respectful of the video game medium. It really feels like we’re returning to the city of Night City that we visited as a player and we recognize iconic places or certain side characters. Authenticity goes so far as to even use the same interfaces and HUD.

On the other hand, it’s a shame that the anime-related side mission in “Edgerunners update” The original title is so anecdotal given the potential of what could have been. But luckily, a few welcome bonus deals have caught up a bit, so to speak.

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