Decathlon creates centers of technological excellence

Decathlon crée des centres d’excellence technologique

In a complete digital transformation, Decathlon is rethinking its recruitment and support methods for technology profiles. In France, its technology entity Decathlon Technology created a technology center in Paris on July 11 that will accommodate 100 people in 2022.

Identification of several key points in the world

Decathlon wants to identify several key points in the world, Decathlon Tech hubs, in order to establish technological centers of excellence there. The brand is present in 70 countries. It wants to rely on experts located at these strategic points. Decathlon Technology is present in Lille, Nantes, Lyon and Paris.

Decathlon Technology has integrated 200 people since January 2022 and wants to promote digital professions such as UX research, data science, cyber skills, full cloud, customer journey, etc. The goal is to hire 350 additional people by the end of 2022 with skills in software, artificial intelligence and product management.

Decathlon Technology Center in Paris

Increase the level of technical and digital expertise

We need to greatly increase our level of technical and digital expertise explains Jérôme Dubreuil, Decathlon’s Chief Digital Officer. Decathlon’s goal is to support users by offering them digital experiences tailored to their needs. ” This is why we need to enrich our professional staff in order to be as efficient as possible in every digital specialty. he continues. Decathlon wants to tap into technology talent pools, adds Sébastien Bernard, head of people strategies at Decathlon Technology.

The technology entity Decathlon aligns with Decathlon’s policy aimed at developing rich internal careers within the company. Decathlon Technology applies a number of tools, organized around business branches, including training with partners and external resources, mentoring or communities organized around specialties. These courses meet the expectations of teams striving for excellence and
they require to be challenged and supported by appropriate means to increase the responsibility and competence of employees.

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