Diablo: A new leak at Activision Blizzard after GTA 6 and Rockstar?

Diablo: A new leak at Activision Blizzard after GTA 6 and Rockstar?

Game news Diablo: A new leak at Activision Blizzard after GTA 6 and Rockstar?

There are weekends like that… Although Rockstar was the victim of a big leak of the upcoming GTA 6, it seems that the next Diablo 4, in turn, appeared on the canvas in several sequences of more than 40 minutes! Who, when, why, how? Here’s the latest!

GTA 6 and now Diablo? A historic day!

Rockstar, considered the King of calendar mastery and management, has in turn been overtaken by bigger and more organized hackers. The studio, which has always been impeccable in terms of disclosures, has also been the victim of a very large-scale hack, and to say that 90 videos leaked online will be analyzed from every angle is an understatement. Even if these are development sequences, we can clearly talk about a “historic” day in the world of video games, because the American institution was famous for its extreme vigilance. And just when we thought we’d seen it all – or so – now Activision Blizzard has snuck in for a turn!

Over 40 minutes of gameplay for Diablo 4!

As if that wasn’t enough (because it’s hard not to think of the developers at times like this), two Diablo IV gameplay clips have surfaced on the forums. will be reset ! The first of about 5 minutes is accompanied by a longer extract of more than 38 minutes! As the site mentions pushsquare.com, the videos may not stay online for long because they are covered with watermarks, and Activision Blizzard may be the culprit. Given the level of finish, there’s a good chance the videos come straight from the development studio. Anyway, with all these leaks, we can say that the video game industry has entered a new phase and the security methods will have to evolve if the studios don’t want to be looted. We’re only at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto VI, and the question is who will be the next victim…

At this rate, we’ll see some Half-Life 3 gameplay appear…

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