From these 9 references on sale, it’s now or never to choose a baby monitor

From these 9 references on sale, it's now or never to choose a baby monitor

You don’t have to live in a 600m2 mansion to need a baby monitor. But this object, very practical, can sometimes be a little expensive. As usual, we’ve dug up some special deals for you, to help your wallet.

Baby-phone, or “baby monitor” to be more French, can prove to be very reassuring and practical for young parents who are a bit worriedwho do not share their room with their new baby.

The baby monitor serves to hear what is happening in the child’s room while he is sleeping and can warn the parent in case of suspicious sounds. But he can (first of all) wake up said parent by helping him hear the cry of a newborn who asks to eat every two hours, in the first months of his life.

Personally, I don’t live in a 150 m2 loft (although I would like to), the baby monitor helped calm my anxiety about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome during the first year, and I was very happy, as I was a very rough sleeper, to hear my daughter complain about the slow delivery of the bottle during the night.

It can also be very useful during nap time for said little one to enjoy his garden without fear of leaving him screaming alone in his bed.

Baby monitors have come a long way in the past few years., thanks to the advancement of technology. Originally they were only used to hear what is happening in the room, now there are also those that can show the child in bed using a camera, give the temperature of the room, serve as a night light, and make coffee.

However, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed : there is still no baby monitor that can find a fat toy hidden under a pillow or give a pacifier to a child who doesn’t yet know how to use their hands properly. It’s 2021, maybe we should move a little!

Today, great altruists that we are, we found you some of these precious items on the web that have a good idea to be on sale. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of it?

For sale baby monitors without camera

Audio baby monitors do not produce continuous noise, they only turn on if there is noise in the room. It’s even better if you don’t want to hear a constant hum in the background.

Suddenly, as soon as your baby squeals, rolls over, throws up or cries: boom: you hear it.

baby monitor-advent-sound


motorola-audio-baby monitor

Baby monitors with camera, for sale

For some, it is not enough to hear the child only when he makes noise in his bed. That’s what baby monitors were invented for. with a video system. The camera is discreetly placed on top of the cradle and allows the baby to be seen at any time.

When you wake up in a panic in the middle of the night and you’re freaking out because you haven’t heard your child make a sound in a while, and you’re afraid to wake him up by opening the door to his room while he’s walking on the squeaky floor, a quick look at the video to check if his chest is rising and that sleeping the sleep of the righteous can really calm tensions, immediately.






A baby monitor can be considered an essential childcare facility, but as usual, everyone does as they please, without pressure. And the second hand for these objects also exists!

Come on, listen carefully!

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