GTA 6 leak: leaker wants to negotiate with Rockstar and demands money | Xbox One

GTA 6 leak: leaker wants to negotiate with Rockstar and demands money |  Xbox One

A leak of 90 GTA 6 videos set the internet ablaze on Sunday, September 18. One would think the story would boil down to this simple disclosure of internal videos, but the person behind the leak wants to go further.

Talking for the money you want, the source code of GTA 5 has already been sold

The person responsible for the distribution of these videos says that he was surprised by the extent of this work in the media and social networks today. Believe it or not, the fact remains that he suggested contacting Rockstar employees with an end-to-end encrypted email address or a special code on Telegram to identify Rockstar employees.

Later, your had changed, and the person said he wanted to “make a deal” with Rockstar. He also revealed that he owns the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6 and that the GTA 6 source code is “no longer for sale” unlike GTA 5 and GTA 6 secret files.

Things can eventually go very fast. editor Rockstar INTEL, reported that GTA 5’s source code found a buyer for $100,000, paid in 5 bitcoins. However, the leaker confirmed that it was not his address, and that’s why he received $100,000, thinking that someone would buy GTA 5’s source code. Nevertheless, it demonstrates that some are willing to pay for such information.

It would be a huge setback for Rockstar if GTA 5’s source code ended up being sold, now it risks people finding flaws in GTA Online and using them online and possibly cheating.

The fact that GTA 6’s source code is no longer available shows that the leaker now wants to cash in on the money he made with Rockstar. It remains to be seen whether the company will accept his request or instead choose to pursue him by all means. One thing is for sure, this story is far from over and we are now waiting to hear from Take-Two and Rockstar on the matter officially.

The article has been updated to refute information about the sale of GTA 5 source code.

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