Images and videos of the alpha version have leaked online

Images and videos of the alpha version have leaked online

Overnight, a new thread appeared in the GTAForums threads, the second of which, according to its repository, contains many GTA 6 gameplay videos. Videos that seem legit by a few votes. Is there a huge leak about the next Grand Theft Auto?

The video excerpts that we have been confirmed to be legitimate are officially GTA 6 in-development excerpts. Recently, a man claiming to have hacked Uber, no less, released a series of videos. GTAForums About 90 gameplay videos of GTA 6 in its alpha design phase (so it’s a work in progress and far from being the final product).

The videos reveal the “debug” tools we’ve already seen, which are very similar, if not identical, to the game’s physics, interactions, and well-used tools at Rockstar Games. Development stages of Red Dead Redemption II. As we said above, videos that have been verified by us as legitimate. Jason Schreier, for example, defined the impact of a bomb this morning Biggest leak in Rockstar history“.

Videos are available on GTAForums in a dedicated thread at this address.

We won’t publish screenshots or videos of this content directly for obvious reasons: We’re not rich enough to pay a fine for Take Two Interactive. We also recommend not posting this content directly to your networks or other public profiles. The article is therefore supported by Twitter excerpts from accounts that have taken this risk.

What are the key takeaways from these 90 videos? Codenamed “America,” a Rockstar Games project that’s been in development for several years, it includes elements that Jason Schreier mentioned elsewhere in this article earlier in the year: two protagonists: a duo of two. male and female, the latter having characteristics of Latin origin. Their names? Jason and Lucia.

We can see locations, including fast food stolen by our characters, as well as exteriors that suggest a modern-day reimagining of Vice City. In addition, there is a tram/subway bearing the marking “VCPD” on a police car, “Vice City Police Department” or “Vice City Metro”. We explore clothing stores, test videos on the cover system. The possibility of crouching appears to be a feature abandoned in GTA V in favor of a “stealth” mode in this supposed GTA 6 (although, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt, even…).

Note the possibility of interacting with NPCs, as in Red Dead Redemption II. Finally, we note the mention of “Jay Norris” and his death in a conversation between one of our heroes and an NPC. Recall that Jay Norris is the CEO of LifeInvader, who was killed in the middle of the main exit due to a phone changed by Michael in one of the first missions of GTA V.

If we find interesting items, we will clarify new details between all videos throughout the day. Finally, it’s worth noting that these excerpts are certainly far from showing the quality of game rendering we’ll get in the years to come. : we are here on extracts from the so-called “alpha” design phase of the game, so it is normal to see that NPCs are not wearing all their structures, vehicles or even scenery elements taken from GTA V. Some parts are also tested. areas and not on the playground, we are of course in the “alpha” stages of the game, which is built and centered around functionality and interoperability testing.

With these massive leaks, we’ll just have to watch the reaction of Rockstar Games, which is here doing the work of the most anticipated game in the video game sphere, which has been exposed to the light of day for years.

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