In Lannion, 200 vacancies on the Digital job dating menu at the end of September – Lannion

In Lannion, 200 vacancies on the Digital job dating menu at the end of September - Lannion

This Friday at noon, we networked at the doors of Anticipa. The Technology Park held its traditional back-to-school barbecue there. “This meeting is an opportunity to get to know members of the ecosystem over a good meal! », Shows the Anticip team. At the end of the month, we will be able to drink a useful sandwich during the lunch break. On September 28, Anticipa will offer a new workshop course for better entrepreneurship. The action is called “Un sandwich pour prezetniku”, and will be held from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. On the 29th and 30th of September, still in the lunch break, the digital social for work will return for the second edition. . The first day will be dedicated to industry jobs, and the second to technology jobs. This will be an opportunity to discover employment opportunities in Lannion and its region.

Ekinops, Nokia, Apizee…

“It won’t be anything physical. Everything will happen online. We already organized this digital business in this form in January”, says Agnès Roumiguière, Communications Manager at Anticipa. What is the purpose of this operation? It will “help innovative and industrial companies in Lannion find profiles that match their recruitment needs for 2022 and beyond”.

The operation will be based on Anticipa’s business board, where most companies already have an account. Which companies will participate in this operation? The big names from the Pégase plateau will be present: Ekinops, Nokia, Apizee, Aprille, Open… This digital meeting business will allow companies to introduce themselves. The first edition resulted in recruitment. At the end of the month, they will offer 200 jobs, both in technology and in industry. Why offer this digital lunchtime dating business? “It is to enable active people to participate. We side with the candidate. It can be a person stationed elsewhere. We are definitely available a little more at noon. It is a relevant term that can work better than in the evening”, concludes Agnès Roumiguière.

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