Nothing Phone 1 has a problem with the large screen, errors are multiplying among users

Nothing Phone 1

Barely a few days after its release, the Nothing Phone (1) is already being talked about for its flaws. Many users do complain about a green tint appearing on the edges of the screen, which is apparently a very widespread problem. Others notice a dead pixel on the side of the selfie sensor. Nothing confirmed knowledge of this phenomenon.

It didn’t take long for the Nothing Phone (1) to reveal its shortcomings. Surprising with its innovations and prejudices for such an affordable price, the flip side of the coin is now felt among users who have already bought the smartphone. The victim is the screen, the culprit is still unknown. There are many testimonies pouring in on Reddit and Twitter pointing the finger at the same problem.

For several users, the screen thus displays a green reflection on the edges. The origin varies, coming either from the sides or from the top or bottom of the screen. One of them even had the misfortune of experiencing the problem twice in a row while trying to replace his smartphone: ” En 2 days in a row you managed to send two phones with defective screens. Even a replacement smartphone has a tint problem”he wrote on Twitter.

The screen of the Nothing Phone (1) is completely broken

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Many also report the presence of one or more dead pixels around the selfie sensor, as you can see in the photo below. Beebom media thus reports that the pixel appeared just 3 hours after receiving the smartphone, a testimony that corroborates that of other unfortunate users.

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On Twitter, Nothing confirmed that it was aware of the problem, but did not elaborate on its origin. So we don’t know if the bug is software or hardware, let alone when a fix will be available. So you will have to be patient if you are concerned. Note that we didn’t notice these issues during our Nothing Phone (1) test, despite several hours of use.

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