Portal: The great classic has a second youth right! Amazing visuals in the app

Portal: The great classic has a second youth right!  Amazing visuals in the app

Game news Portal: The great classic has a second youth right! Amazing visuals in the app

It was during the event organized by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang that the timeless Portal was talked about: the great classic from Valve will be given a second life thanks to NVIDIA technology.

Portal is more beautiful than ever with ray tracing

The game Portal from Valve is already more than fifteen years old, and the title is still etched in the memory of players. Needless to say, it came up with a less original concept that allowed you to create portals and jump through to solve puzzles, and with exemplary fluidity. Although still pleasing to the eye, The portal is taking advantage of the just-released NVIDIA event to introduce the second youngster.

Portal will actually be entitled to a re-release thanks to the arrival of a new version called Portal with RTX. As the name suggests, this offering will get a new visual experience using the latest NVIDIA technologies and in particular RTX or ray tracing technology. To prove it to us, the manufacturer offers a trailer (available above) as well as some comparison images.

As you can see, the difference between the two versions is not surprising. The game has gained a degree of resolution, the textures have already been developed, they are of better quality, and above all, with the option of RTX, Valve’s work presents a more amazing atmosphere than ever.

Full ray tracing in Portal with RTX allows light to bounce around and be affected by scene geometry and materials by changing each level. Each light is ray-traced and creates shadows via Global Lighting, indirect lighting, natural lighting and dimming of rooms, voluminous ray-tracing lighting diffuses through fog and smoke, and shadows are pixel perfect. (…) The end result is incredible, improving Portal and putting it on par with the best current games. And with gameplay as good today as it was in 2007, Portal with RTX offers a definitive experience for anyone new to Portal or returning for a new game. NVIDIA

This feature will soon be available in all older games

To achieve such a result, we learn that NVIDIA was inspired by the work done in Quake II and Minecraft, while at the same time the RTX tool gained thickness. A free modding platform called RTX Remix is ​​also in production. The latter promises to bring the technology to as many people as possible to allow all legacy video game production to benefit from ray tracing.

Called NVIDIA RTX Remix, this clever modding platform lets you add ray tracing in just a few clicks and gives modders the tools to make ambitious remasters, even for previously unmodifiable games. NVIDIA

The RTX Remix platform will be available soon, and the good news is that it will support many productions, starting with games running under DirectX 8 and DirectX 9.

on his side, Portal with RTX will be released in November. Everything will be provided for free to all owners of the PC version of the game.

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