Seven new Cegido-backed start-ups supported at Station F

Sept nouvelles startups appuyées sur la Data accompagnées à Station F par Cegid

The Cegid Data Lab was inaugurated in January 2022 at Station F after being announced in November 2021. It will welcome its second group of startups from October 3, 2022. Seven startups are expected. Data is central to each of these projects.

In more detail, there are three startups in human resources with Qsummit, Magma and Reftyan accounting management startup Iabakotwo start-ups operating in retail with Billiv and mybe and a data-centric tech startup Vox.

☄️ billiv is an account dematerialization solution aimed at eco-responsibility using a QR code, without the need for registration or download. It centralizes Google reviews, loyalty program and communications through a customizable account.

☄️ Qsummit helps companies streamline the management of employee compensation decisions, from the pay review cycle to analytics, so employees are rewarded fairly.

☄️ Magma App suggests putting people back at the center of the employment experience. The solution proposes re-creating connections and unforgettable moments by relying on employees, from their application to the onboarding process.

☄️ Iabako is a new generation of integrated management software or ERP. It aims to simplify the management of sales, delivery, orders, purchases and invoicing of VSEs (very small enterprises).

☄️ Refty works to simplify the recruitment process through a dedicated metaverse.

☄️ mybeis an all-in-one management solution, simple and dedicated to local businesses

☄️ Vox is a data reliability management platform that aims to instantly and in real time master all company data.

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