some users see red (and green)

some users see red (and green)

The launch of the Nothing Phone (1) was not as revolutionary as expected. Additionally, several customers reported significant concerns.

Launched a few days ago, the Nothing Phone (1) received a mixed reception from the press and users (more so than the Nothing Ear Headphones (1) anyway). If the product is not fundamentally bad, it is unfortunately far from revolutionizing the market as promised, outside of its original luminous shell. In addition, the smartphone launched by Carl Pei knows, like some terminals of his former company OnePlus, problems with starting.

Nothing Phone screen problems (1)

On Reddit and social media, several users are reporting problems their recent purchase is already having. The most serious concerns the screen. Dead pixels around the front camera are thus increased, while some panels even take on a green tint, as shown below.

Most problematically, in some cases, phones sent as replacements seem to have the same problems. If the firm has recognized the concern (which is therefore not isolated), it now remains to be seen whether it can be corrected with software or if Nothing will have to provide a huge wave of exchanges. This solution would certainly be expensive for the company and impractical for customers.

And some software bugs

But that’s not all. While some issues have been resolved in recent days, others, including the software side, still exist. This especially applies to the occasional delay of the smartphone after unlocking, or even sometimes an unstable Bluetooth connection. Nothing that shouldn’t be able to be fixed via an update this time around.

However, if luckily this kind of problem doesn’t appear with every new smartphone launch, it has already happened in the past. For the record, some Apple iPhone 12 and 13, for example, have experienced the same issues with green screens.

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