The Story of Nintendo Wii U Failure: When Bravery No Longer Pays…

The Story of Nintendo Wii U Failure: When Bravery No Longer Pays…

Game News The Story of Nintendo Wii U Failure: When Bravery No Longer Pays…

After the failure of PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. We attack Nintendo’s monumental failure with its console in 2012: the Wii U. After the incredible success of the Wii in 2006, how could Nintendo go wrong with its new console?

Nintendo Wii U

Everyone agrees that the Wii U is a failure. A console called “Wii 2” by some sites Nintendo caused a lot of ink to flow after release. The dawn of the 8th generation of consoles has arrived and Nintendo is on the offensive, it offers a new machine based on fully asymmetric two-screen gameplay. A brilliant idea in terms of technological advancements in the world of video games, but only on paper.

In this BM Legends, we invite you to take a closer look at the creation of this famous machine, see the great disappointment of the majority of the public and understand its failure. happens duringE3 In 2011, Nintendo reveals a console with a unique control system.

Nintendo GamePad and highlights confusing for many people. A huge mess that makes the Wii U look like an accessory Wii and not for a full-fledged console. The car was released worldwide from mid-November 2012 to early December 2012. It would get off to a disastrous start, selling just 3.5 million copies between December 2012 and March 2013, and unfortunately, it would not go uphill and continue to sell worse and worse.

The Wii U’s failure is largely due to Nintendo’s commercial strategy, which has completely failed since it was revealed in later years. The Japanese company introduced this new console as a revival of the Wii, but it was completely overlooked until it was passed off as a remaster of the popular 2006 console. The release catalog is also affected, with no Nintendo franchise titles for the Wii U launch. Games don’t come fast enough, but some looked really promising on this machine.

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