This 34-inch gaming monitor costs only 399 euros

Cet écran PC gamer de 34 pouces est à seulement 399 €

News good job This 34-inch gaming monitor costs only 399 euros

Immersion is an important concept in all storytelling processes. The video game has also become a mainstay of it allowing the player to feel truly involved. But to make it work at its best, you need good hardware, like this 34-inch Dell monitor that costs just €399 at Darty.

This Dell gaming monitor is getting a big discount at Darty

For this screen, Dell bet on excess with a very large 34-inch panel in WQHD resolution. And yet, the brand has managed to keep the price point quite competitive, especially with the sale going on at Darty right now.

  • Instead of €529, it is available for just €399.
  • Therefore, a saving of €130 can be made here, i.e. a reduction of 24%.

Statistically, it is very comparable to the 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G5, which is available for around 499 euros on average.

Buy the S3422DWG for €399 at Darty

Dell S3422DWG: Samsung Odyssey G5 competitor

The Dell S3422DWG is a 34-inch 1800 R curved display. This is an ultra-wide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Its resolution is 3440 x 1440 pixels. So it’s WQHD. This is a VA panel, which is very common with curved panels of this type. Its advantage is therefore the contrast quality compared to IPS and TN panels.

For the game, all lights are green. In addition to its large size, it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of only 1 ms. It is even compatible with VRR technologies if you want to use it with a console like PlayStation 5 or Xbox series.

This screen will be perfect for ultra-immersive games such as space, flight or car simulations. However, more and more games are taking the 21:9 format into account, not to mention numerous customization options thanks to a little hacking.

If it’s a shame not to find G-Sync (Nvidia) here, we can still take advantage of AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro to reduce stuttering and tearing, regardless of your graphics card.

But gaming isn’t the only use for a screen like this. You can fully use it as a more than reasonable sized TV for your movies and series, but also for remote work. Indeed, nothing beats a large screen to display all the necessary information and software.

Finally, keep in mind that it’s VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified, so you’ll have access to HDR, and this display isn’t great in this area. And it makes sense, in terms of its price range. You should see this more as a bonus and not buy this screen mainly for HDR.

Buy the S3422DWG for €399 at Darty

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