This SSD to improve your PC is on sale before French Days!

Ce SSD pour booster votre PC est en promo avant les French Days !

News good job This SSD to improve your PC is on sale before French Days!

The days of France are coming soon! But it seems some retailers have had the idea to make a little head start by already offering promotions. And there, we have the perfect SSD that will give a little boost to a PC or Mac that is starting to get mileage.

Amazon is the reference site for online sales. Present exclusively online, it is an unmissable event for all those who want to shop sensibly.

And in the context of computer equipment, it’s a great way to invest while saving money.

Here, we have a 2.5 inch SSD that goes below the 70 euro mark! And it’s a great way to give your aging computer a little boost.

Buy the Crucial BX500 for €69 on Amazon

BX500, an inexpensive SSD that can revive an old PC

We all have one. A computer sleeping peacefully in some kind of sweet sanctuary. Abandoned? Not really, but we’d be inclined to condemn it for its slowness.

Too young to really replace and at the same time too old to be really influential, you don’t need to invest in a new machine.

An SSD like the BX500 from Crucial can be the solution.

Indeed, with this system, you will be able to speed up your desktop computer a bit. Indeed, SSD is known for its reliability, resistance, compactness and above all, the fact that it consumes less than a conventional hard disk.

With the BX500, you will be able to increase the size of your machine and benefit from the processing speed of the BX500. This may allow you to extend the life of your computer a little. By installing programs on it, you can benefit from its speed.

This is especially possible with a SATA connection, the latter is very common on many machines, so even if your computer dates back to the early 2010s, you have the opportunity to let it live a little longer.

Buy the Crucial BX500 for €69 on Amazon

BX500 Specifications
Compatibility SATA III interface
Manufacturer read speed Up to 540MB/s | Measured at 549MB/s
Builder writing speed Up to 500MB/s | Measured at 477MB/s
refrigerator No
Endurance 360 TB
Guarantee 3 years

To learn more about Crucial’s BX500 SSD, you can read our full review of it.

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