This wireless gaming headset for PS5 and PC is half price

Ce casque gaming sans fil pour PS5 et PC est à moitié prix

News good job This wireless gaming headset for PS5 and PC is half price

Wireless gaming headset for PC and PlayStation 5 for only €99? This is possible right now at Fnac thanks to a 50% discount!

The Nacon RIG 800 Pro HD Wireless Gaming Headset is half price

If you are looking for a very good wireless gaming headset for your PC or PlayStation 5, you must have seen that the prices are rarely very interesting. If there are good references on the market, they often exceed €100, especially if you are looking for quality.

And yet, thanks to discounts and other promotions, sometimes we find nuggets whose ratio of quality to price is excellent!

This is the case at Fnac at the moment with the Nacon RIG 800 Pro HD which comes with its own docking station, all at half price.

  • You will therefore only have to pay €99 in total instead of €199

Buy the RIG 800 Pro HD for €99 at Fnac

With the Nacon RIG 800 Pro HD with its docking station it is perfect for PlayStation 5 and PC

Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop computer, or PlayStation 4 and 5, you can use this Nacon microphone headset.

It has an autonomy of 24 hours without charging, and its lightness offers great comfort of use. Equipped with a lightweight headband and an adjustable headband with dual-material cushions, these headphones will be very comfortable, even during long gaming sessions.

Its 40mm drivers with bass boost are fine-tuned for 3D sound. In addition, you can count on Dolby Atmos for greater immersion while you can easily detect where sounds are coming from, and thus enemies in games.

Wireless connection is available thanks to the multifunctional docking station. It also lets you charge and store your headphones! With its wireless USB adapter, you can also plug the headphones directly into your computer to place your docking station where you want to charge your headphones without having to ask yourself any questions.

Buy the RIG 800 Pro HD for €99 at Fnac

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