Yuga Labs: $50M NFT Rumors

Yuga Labs: $50M NFT Rumors

Mecha Ape – NFT giant Yuga Labs intends to create a new series with Bored Apes. The media Protos would have had access (with the conditions necessary) to documents about Yuga Labs’ alleged new project that have not been disclosed to the public. If reluctance is to be expressed for the lack of evidence and information, certain details do provide substance to the independent media’s statement.Their new series will be called Mecha Ape And will bring something new to their metaverse.

Yuga Labs targets $50 million

According to Protos.com, the project Mecha Ape It should be released before the end of this year. As expected, Yuga Laboratories As a result of this new project, no less than $50 million is expected to be raised.Beyond new monkeys a priori from another universe or at least another time, Yuga Labs predicts its so-called new collections by the details scattered across their collections “For Others”.

To keep your memory fresh, Yuga Labs, the guys behind the iconic Bored Apes series, not only created simple ape portraits, but also planned a huge project around their original NFT.

So, just recently, the desire to make this collection part of a future metaverse was announced to the public. Note in particular that the narrative arc surrounding the project created a token “Apecoin” and sold 100,000 virtual parcels as NFTs for use in the future metaverse. Different plots are being sold at an initial unit price of $6,000, each with different characteristics.

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Mechanical Parts?

It is these peculiarities that interest us in this situation, that is Rumors of a new series. Like all other NFT collections, these graphs have different classes of features.for other behavior, there are 6 categories, including artefacts. Among these artifacts, there is a type that matches this statement, Mechanical Parts. Out of 100,000 parcels, only 100 parcels are owned Mecha Artifact And tear yourself apart at the price of gold.

Talking about prices quickly, the plot that originally sold for $6,000 per unit was apparently hit hard by the bear market and now has a floor price of around $2,500. Still, the base price for the NFT with the mech part is $20,000, and only 7 of them are on sale themselves. The last other contract with a mechanical artifact was sold on September 10th at 13 ETH or $22,100. Rumors are already rife among project enthusiasts, and they don’t hesitate to speculate on possible future announcements.

False news

However, this series of remarks borrowing intent from Yuga Labs caught the attention of the project’s co-founders. There are many clear responses: “False news”.

However, even though the co-founder was supposed to calm people down with his intervention, the reality is very different. The rumors are still going on, and it has more value by going up against the co-founder himself.

Currently, no official announcement has been made regarding Mecha Apes’ hypothetical collection project. The announcement by the company’s co-founder wasn’t enough to calm the crowd, and doubts remain. This news will indeed be coordinated with Yuga Labs’ development projects. In any case, the truth will come out in at most 3 months.

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